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Monday, August 08, 2005

Anyone else tired of Jimbo yet ?

Welcome to the new home of the Bad Beat BBQ. Archives are available at my old blog. Please change your bookmarks (if you are lame enough to actually have one). I'll try to keep reminding you for a few weeks, but I'm terribly lazy and twice as forgetful.

Our detailed Home Game Page is here. We play a No-Limit Texas Holdem tournament every Friday night. 10 - 18 people on average. $20 buy in with unlimited rebuys for the first hour. This is the blind structure
The BBQ collides with the fellas at the PokerDiagram podcast this week. Stay tuned to their site and listen to the next show because I'll be playing with the boys from London. I make a decent enough showing this go round considering I busted out the last time I played with them holding nothing but Ace Ace. Go now.

This night was so bad it's hard to find the desire to write anything at all. I should have stayed home, lost money online and saved the gas money. I played bad. Bad Bad. Like I had a train to catch. I just wasn't in the mood to be patient. But at least for the lucky few who read this blurb every week, I managed to take really poor notes.

My best hand a all night was 10 10 which I had to give up. After reraising Ronnie on my right and having Johnny call with what turned out to be a pair of sixes that he really seemed to like, Carl "now dubbed hereafter as Cooter" found out he had been dealt only one card and failed to mention it until the betting had taken off. That put me on ever increasing tilt. Most of the hands I played were so weak and so poorly executed that I only wrote down one hand of my own to share with you.

8:42 With the blinds at just $20 and $40 I'm all in for my last $190 in the Big Blind with Q 10 suited. Ronnie is my only caller and when he shows 4c 7c I am tickled. The rebuy period is over at 9pm and I don't wanna come up out the pocket again for another $20. The board treats me like a rented mule. Ronnie pairs his 7 and I'm rebuying.

9:48 I'm busted out again. I went all in with QK against 9 10 and lost to Jimbo. I hand my lucky turtle to Jimmy and wait to see if it is just cursed. ( Jimmy bought in 3 times tonight by thw way)

9:55 TJ's trip 9s demolish two big hands. Johnny loses with KK and Carl gets knocked out for hte first time with Aces. Carl Rebuys.

10:08 I take back my turtle from Jimmy who has nearly doubled up in twenty minutes. Toby tells me to write it in the blog that I just stole his dad's luck. Jimmy went on to dump his entire stack over the the next hour. Sorry.

10:16 So long to our pal Johnny Buzz. Johhny flops trip fours and is well on his way to taking all of Toby's chips. When the turn and river come KK Johnny makes a FH but finds out that Toby had gotten very lucky to make a better one. Not a bad way to go out I guess.

-Eric Cartman

That's right. I'm getting the hell out of here. I know this will last til 1am and I'm not sticking around. Sorry folks.

Now you can read TJ's notes from after I headed home with minor editing....... ( btw, TJ showed up like an hour late and we graciously let him buy in )

First off, your dad (Jimbo) is no longer allowed to tell bad beat
stories. As he is now the suck out king after tonight.

This is the first big hand played after you left. Jimbo raised pre-flop. Ronnie calls.

FLOP !!! A A Q (rainbow) Jimbo checks, Ronnie bets, Jimbo check raises, Ronnie calls.
Turn !!! 10 Jimbo all-in, Ronnie calls.
Jimbo has (Q 10) Ronnie has (Q K).
RIVER !!! another 10.
Jimbos running 10's to win pot.

Editors Note...(This must be the hand that Jimbo told me about on Sunday, he said he'd never seen Ronnie so hot)

Here's how Cooter went out.
On a flop of Q J 8 w/2 spades.Jimbo put both me (TJ) and Carl all-in, I had an open ended staight draw and a flush draw, plus a king would be
good enough I thought. Both Carl and I call. Carl shows J 9 and Jimbo
has Q 10. I hit one of my 18 outs on the turn.
That knocked Carl out and almost tripled me up.

Now only Toby, Jimbo and myself were left. I was 2nd in chips but Jim
was the big chip leader and was bulling me and Toby. Then I had pocket Q's in the big blind Jimbo rasied. I then re-raised all-in. He thought for like 2 minutes I swear. Then
called he had k 9. Well, if you read my comments before you already know he catches his king and
I'm out. At least 3rd paid me back my entry fee thanks to all the rebuys.

1:23am Heads up. Toby manages to double up a couple of times and has the chip lead at one point. Jim takes the lead back again and soon after that Toby goes all-in w/ Q 10 and Jimbo calls with Q 8 and hits a str8 on the turn to win it.

Well, my dad's lucky hand has been Q8 for about 2 months now so the last hand where he made a silly call does not surprise me. As a matter of fact, I think he took me out with the same two cards a few weeks back. July 9th post to be exact. Q 8 cracks my Aces. I've not forgotten that pal. But I still love you man.

Jimbo is on a friggin tear as of late. He's won the big game like 3 out of the last 5. Why did I show him how to play holdem ? Now you teach me some patience old man. You owe me. By the way, if you wanna log on to UltimateBet and take on Jimbo, just search to barbiesboytoy and take him on. He said he awaits all challengers. Or if you prefer to tangle with me. Look for BadBEatBBQ ( what else ). I'd love some low limit shenanigans.

Back in a week. Or sooner.


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