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Monday, August 15, 2005

Stone Cold Locks and Rebuys

Well another Friday night game has come and gone with one stone cold lock of certainty. Jimbo would not be winning this week no matter what. I promise. He went fishing in upstate NY and not for drunk tourists at some Indian casino either. He was after 30lb salmon for two days and two nights. That gives everyone else a chance to win for once.

Cards were in the air at 7:40pm and I made myself a promise to stay out of the first hand this time. When the cards came out ad I found myself with A5 it took all my strength to muck it. Two hands later I was UTG with pocket tens and I threw out a raise of 3xBB and go 4 nasty callers.

FLOP !!! 3 babies. I bet a strong $200 which was about the size of the pot. This time only Action Tommy calls me. Pot $600.
TURN !!! 7c. The board is a 4 suit rainbow now and I bet another $500. Tommy decides to fold for a change of pace. So far so good.

8:32pm Jimmy Smith
rebuys ! Toby wanted me to mention that.

8:40pm blinds $20 - $40. Bosey puts in a $100 raise with AJs and everyone folds to Uncle Bill who moves all in for his last $430 with 10 10. Bosey flops and aces and BILL REBUYS

8:43pm The Rebuys are ending at 8:45 so the action is fast and furious. I am in early position with QJ offsuit and I raise to $120. Of course Action Tommy calls and then Bill goes over the top of us both moving All In. I go all in over Bills raise and Tommy still decides to call. Tommy JJ. Bill A6. Me QJ. Bill takes the main pot when an ace hits. Tommy takes the sidepot consisting of $380 of my chips. Rats.

8:57pm Bosey is known for dealing the big big hands and tonight was no exception. I'm not in the hand this time, but Action Tommy on my left sure is. Tommy likes his cards and chooses to bet $200 preflop. He gets three callers including Uncle Bill and Toby on my right.

FLOP !!! A A K WOW. There's an action killing flop for ya.
At least you might think that. Toby and I remark to each other that Tommy seemed to take a shine to that flop. I announced to the room that Tommy had just moved ALL IN and that he was "shaking like a rabid dog". Bill decides to make the call. Toby folds.

Bill shows QK of spades and Tommy takes his time showing us the bullets. Perhaps savoring the moment just a tad but who can blame him. The man just flopped QUAD ACES. The look in his eye when Bill called was one of horror and delight. Tommy has come to expect to be outdrawn ever since I pulled runner runner Quad Jacks from the deck to crack his Aces over Jacks FH a few months back. Read about that in the BBQ archives.....Saturday, July 09, 2005 "If your gonna lose, then lose with Aces I guess" Bosey was dealing that hand as well.
But Tommy's aces hold on of course and BILL REBUYS for the second time.

9:06pm I am the shortstack with about $520 in chips when I find Q 10 suited in the BB. Cousin B.J is the only one in the hand with me.
FLOP !!! 9 Q J. I move all in for my last $400. BJ calls showing KJ. The river gives me two pair, Queens and Tens but BJ makes a straight and I am the first guy out after the rebuy period ends. With all the rebuys we are up to paying out 4 places for the first time ever and I am going to miss out on it.


The only ones out of the game are myself Bosey and Ronnie. Bosey is broke. So Ronnie and I go heads up for $10. I should have made it $1000. I slowplayed every big hand I got and trapped him for all his money again and again. I finally took him out when I flopped an open ended straight flush draw and bet it hard. He called and I hit the straight on the turn and the flush on the river. For the night I'm down $10.

11:54pm The main event is heads up between BJ and his dad who is my Uncle Bill. BJ had A3 and Bill had what has turned out to be a popular hand at our game for ending headps up matches. The mighty ducks. 2 2. With a dream flop of A 2 9. Bill slowplays his trips and takes down his own son in cold blood. BJ jumps out of his chair and punches his father repeatedly. See the greusome aftermath in this disturbing photo. Black Eye and shattered cheekbone. Seriously.........don't beleieve that. Bil got hit with a 2x4 on the job a few days after his big win. Lucky at cards, unlucky at work. I bet it doesn't keep him off the lake or out of the boat. Congrats Bill. How many rebuys ? Was it 2 or 3 ?

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