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Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's all the poker rage.

a comment was made on my last post that has diagnosed me with poker rage. It seems I have been inviting the bad beats and poor calls that keep plaguing my homegame play. I have been so determined to prove that my skills at reading people and situations that it is working against me. So how should I start playing ? If I have top pair with a good kicker and I put my opponents on draws and smaller pairs, am I wrong to force the action by making big bets in these spots and begging people to call while behind ? I thought that was poker ? Maybe I'm lucky at love and unlucky at poker ?

Heck, I've been known to display some road rage now and then. So maybe poker rage is a logical metamorphosis of that rage. Who knew ? For now, I am going to continue punching the donkey until it kicks my face in. Poker tomorrow and time will tell if I'm a bad player or just in an unlucky stretch.

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  • At 7:07 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I think it's just that all that action creates variance, which means more early busts in tourneys (and also more easy victories, like you just had).

    You might want to try punishing people a bit less for those draws. If they're getting 3-1 pot odds on a 4-1 draw, that's enough of an edge for you -- and if they hit, you aren't as crippled. Giving them 1.9-1 odds doesnt' give you a much bigger advantage, while leaving you vulnerable to pot-commitment when they suck out.

    If you're playing cash games, then punish away -- you'll be way ahead in the long run, and if they do suck out you can just reach into your pocket for more. Also punish to the hilt if you haven't finished your rebuy period yet.

    Congrats on being lucky in love!


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