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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Pink Sky Poker hiatus

After all the hot and heavy poker action last year nearly every friday night for months I have been taking it a little easy on the playing schedule. I have been going about every other week or so and not taking it too seriously. Losing the points championship on the final night of the 14 week tournament wa sa real pisser. Especially since the guy who came back and beat me when I was in the lead for the last several weeks wasn't supposed to even have a shot. Ole Jack slipped in and rebought after the rebuy period ended in week 13 and shouldn't have been within striking distance to begin with. After going card dead in week 14 and watching him suckout and catch monster hands all night I was sick and pissed about losing. I quit blogging. I left my wife and moved into a van down by the river. It's been rough, but I occasionally park the van outside a local Starbucks and pilfer the free wirelss hotspot bandwidth to play a few hands on UB with the other poker addicts.

I just turned 33 (my lucky number) and my son gave me some personalized Pink Sky Poker Club playng cards. Totally cool.

I have been encourage by a fan of the blog to take it back up again. It's hard to write when you think nobody's reading. But I am going to try and blog once a week again. We'll see how long it lasts.

Meanwhile, here's what you should be reading and listening to.

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Five Hundy by Midnight, The Origianl Las Vegas Podcast
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  • At 2:54 PM , Blogger Brent Stacks said...

    Keep blogging, you fool.

  • At 2:50 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Glad you're back pal.

    I've been frustrated by losing a lot recently as well, so I've started just doing various $5 online tourneys as well as tackling draw & stud on Pokerroom. Keeps the mind sharp without losing too much dough.

    Hope to see you at the next Diagram listener tourney.


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