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Monday, September 26, 2005

New Lucky Shirt

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I came tonight in a great poker mood and with a solid gameplan and the lucky blue plaid shirt my wife had picked out for me. I asked her to find me a lucky one and she pulled this unflashy unasuming preppie shirt out of the closet and paid it ont he bed. I drove to the local Wine Warehouse superstore to get a 6 pack of microbrews to take with me. I picked out some Jamaican The Demon Drink,some German favorites and one interesting The Demon Drink I was going to save til the end of the night.

I already decided that I was going to stay out of pots with mediocre cards and play lots of positional poker. I made some bets with good hands early and got lots of folders. My stack was growing at a slow and steady pace and I was conserving it.

8:06pm Blinds Still $10 - $20 and Eddie Busts out Bosey and Sammy with Deuce Eight v/s 10 2 and AK. Two rebuys !!! (Eddie took me for $1 before we started the tourney, we played heads up Rummy and he killed me. I had forgotten how to play completely)

8:22 5 way pot. I had 6c 4c in the BB. No raisers. FLOP !!! 6 3 7 rainbow. I'm the first to act and I bet $40 into a pot of about $120. Everyone calls and the it gets to Jason Fisher on the button who raises $140 more. I fold. Bub
and FNG Tony both call. Then in the cutoff position beside his brother, Jack Fisher goes all in after having flat called my bet. I am delighted to lay down my top pair of sixes. They are no good and I know that. FNG Tony goes all in as well. Jason calls and turns over the nuts. 4s 5d , he had flopped a straight. Jack has 6 4 offsuit, the same hand I had laid down.

TURN !!! 10d. No help to anyone. RIVER !!! 5h. Giving Jack the same straight his brother had flopped. I don't remember Tony's hand but it was not very good. If I had stayed it would have been a 3 way chop pot. Oh well, I was thriled with my laydown and it gave ame a good read on both Jack and Jason. Tony is gonzo.

8:27 just two hands later I get Q5 on the button and decide to limp in for what will probably be the last hand at the starting blinds. There are about 4 people in the hand including Jack and Jason again. FLOP K 5 5. I had flopped trips : ) Jason bets $80 and I go all in. Jason calles before giving his brother a chance to act. I am stunned when Jack goes all in as well. Jason then calls and I think I might be rebuying. One had K J and the other had K 9. My trips held up easily and I tripled up. TADOW !

8:44 Jason goes all in with A4 in middle position and his brother Jack tells him that he might just call so he can bust him out. Then he does just that. Showing KJ he flops a King and Jason is sent rebuying. DING DING DING everyone chants as the $20 bill surfaces.

I took a big break from writing down hands and focused ont he game. Folding and watching the play and players. I had a nice sized stack and I was planning to sit on it. We pressed 9 people into the big round table because the blinds were eating our small table up and we complained.

About 15 hands into the final table I was faced with my biggest decision of the night with Kd Jd on a flop of K 6 7. Blinds were 200 - 400. Ant had a stack bigger than me and I had already bet bet $1000 on the flop. He went all in lickety split and I sat and thought for 3 minutes. People were getting pissy and I told them to eat it. This was the tournament in my mind. If I won this hand there was no way I was going to lose the tournament. I had shown my hand before the flop came out because he had just busted and still wanted to play. He knew I had a big decision and was looking at me like "Hell, I don't know".

Somewhat reluctantly, I called. Ant had K 9. Turn and river were nothings. Jack kicker wins. I doubled up and left the chip leader as the short stack with about $1200. I had about 9-10k at that point. We were paying out 4 places thanks to the rebuys. I was happy to be looking at a certain money finish but I wanted the win and the 4 points towards the new championship superjackpot we had established last week. We are awarding points to the money finishers and taking a minimum of $20 out of the prizepool each week to set up the jackpot to be paid out in December.

I watched Tommy takeout Bosey in 4th place and it was now down to three. I was the chipleader and Ronnie was in second. Tommy got busted on a hand I can't remember and took home 3rd and a point for the chapmionship. It was now down to Ronnie and I. I had about a 2 1/2 to 1 chiplead when we started and we took turns folding to each other for about 10 minutes.

12:37am On the button with blinds of $500 - $1000 I look down at a pair of snowmen. I decide to make a move and I announce a raise. I slide int he $500 to call and then ponder my raise for a few seconds. When I mutter "All In" semi-confidently, Ronnie calls rather fast. I flip over my fair of eights and Ronnie slams down sevens. They looked like Jacks for a minute but alas. I am a 4-1 favorite going to the flop but Ronnie is know for his draw outs recently. I am dealing so I deal them fast to avoid the pressure and wha-la. The snowmen hold up like they should. James G is your winner. Thank you, thank you very much ladies and germs.

I crack open the last The Demon Drink in my cooler and prepare to taste victory. Victory Lager that is. Boy was it ever sweet. 4points towards the championship and I am only one behind Ronnie for the lead.

PS> Thanks for the help with the shirt honey.


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