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Monday, September 05, 2005

Bad Fold BBQ

8:56 I think I spotted Bosey's tell. When he has a monster hand his hands quivver like a whino who dropped his last bottle of ripple. Is that a tell ? He had AJ in his hand the flop was J 8 7. I think he liked it but he only bet $20 into an $80 pot. I had picked up a flush draw with my shitty 94d and called the bet. When the turn was a nine he bet another $20. I called. But when the river was anohter Jack (not a diamond) his hands could barely hold the chips as he put in a bet that was the size of the pot. I folded and he showed his AJ after someone else at the table asked him to show it.

9:13 In the hammer position I find myself with Q8 suited (my dads fav hand). I hardly even throw this hand away these days because it continues to prove itself lucky. I limp in with it since I'm just one off the button (that's what the hammer position is). Dad is on the button and raises it to $100. Cooter Carl calls "as usual" from the BB. It comes around to me and I remark that I'm folding this hand even thought I know it's going to hit. Bosey says "don't fold it then". FLOP !!! QQ5

9:34 Middle position with 10 4 offsuit. $20 - $40 blinds. I limp into an unraised pot. Jimmy Smith has showed up late and been allowed to buy into the game and the lucky bastard sits down on my left. I hate having his lucky silly ass on my left and he knows it. Jimmys very first hand of the night was the previous one where he got dealt pocket Kings and doubled up while nearly busting Carl. I told you he was lucky. Anyhow, so I limped in and Jimmy calls on my left from the button. The Big Blind is Action Tommy who raises a paltry $80. I call and Jimmy does as well. FLOP !!! 2c 3c 5d Everyone checks. TURN !!! 6h giving me a straight with my 4. Tommy checks and I check as well, trying to trap them. Jimmy does his usual crazy raise to $500 !!! Tommy folds. I reraise All in. Jimmy calls me showing 4 8. We both have the same straight. But when the river comes a filthy whore of a 7 he makes an eight high straight and it's all i can do to keep from shoving the old man out of his chair. Excuse me Lieutenant ........Major Tilt is on the phone.

9:54 With 89 offsuit in the BB I get to see a free flop. I couldn't ask for more when it comes out 7 10 J giving me the nut straight. Carl is the only one left in the hand with me. I check the flop and he checks. The turn is an Ace and I bet $100 hoping he has an ace. He folds. wow. great hand.

I decide to sit on the sidelines and fold fold folding to look for a good spot to get my money on the pot. I fold several hand over the next half hour that could have busted people. 9 7d would have turned a sneaky straight. K8c would have flopped trip eights at the same time that Dad would have flopped them with 89 offsuit. Perhaps I need to fold and watch the players instead of the board as it mocks me. I really think that if this were an online Party Poker Multi Table Tournament I would have made the final table. I was playing rock solid poker.

10:36 in the SmB I limp into the pot without looking at my cards. Dad folds in the BB like a jackass because he was babbling on about something and totally forgot where he was. Carl pushed all in on the flop for is last $170 so I decided to look down at my hand. I had 33. The flop had a three in it so I called. I made a FH when the turn and river were twos. Bo long Carl. I don't even remember what you had.

10:54 Final Table

I have eeked my way here through cautuious play and avoiding big pots. Unfortunatley I have never accumulated any chips either. My stack has never been above $1500. (we get $100 to start) so I am going to have to make something happen soon. The first hand I am UTG with 6c8c and I fold it. The flop comes 6 8 8 and I know the poker gods are taunting my ass.

11:27 I have not even played one single hand at the final table so far. The only face card I have been deal was a Jack that came with a deuce. I might play that hand on Bodog, but not here. So when I got Q5 in the Big Blind I was elated. I got to see a free flop with my last $800 and I couldn't get away from KKQ. I pushed. Johnny Buzz called me with his huge stack and trip kings. I was dead in the water. He even made a FH to shame me.

I left early and found out about 5 days later that Jackie had beatenUncle Bill heads up for the win.

Take a listen to Tim Dressen's podcast about Las Vegas at Five Hundy By Midnight. I made a call into the show and he played it this week. Great tips on where to stay, eat and play in Vegas.


  • At 2:51 PM , Anonymous Nick G said...

    Out of nowhere I got that little sound bite, speakers should be turned down at work. Anyway, caught a listen of the 5Hundy podcast and heard them call you out. Funny stuff. See you at the next PD Listener Tourney.

  • At 3:50 PM , Blogger ChaseNFold said...

    Thans Nick. Good to hear from you.


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