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Monday, August 29, 2005


Our weely update Home Game Page is here. We play a No-Limit Texas Holdem tournament every Friday night. 10 - 18 people on average. $20 buy in with unlimited rebuys for the first hour. This is the blind structure

8-26-2005 I slacked off and never updated this week, but I am offering a condensed version a week late for your approval.

8:29pm Jack craks my Aces

1 minute left in the rebuy period and I find myself with Aces and I am ready to double up. The blinds are still just 10 - 20 so I make a raise up to $80. I knock out all the limpers but two and one of them is Jack who is insane. FLOP !!! Qs 7s 4d. Check Check and on the button I make a pot sized bet with my overpair and the only caller this time is Jackie. TURN !!! As giving me the top set. I move all in to put a stop to all this calling nonsense. Unfortunately, Jack had been playing with a shitass hand as usual 7s 10s and had made his flush. It's tough to play against people like this I tell ya. The river serves me no poetic justice and it's rebuy time for me.

8:46 I try to slowplay Q 10 on a flop of A Q 7 against the BB (Ronnie) who got to see a free flop with A2. Down $300 fast.

9:13 and I've been hacked down to a measley $220. I wake up in the BB with AJ and put it all in the pot which was full of limpers as usual. 3 people called my all in but the best hand held up thanks to a flop of AA7 : ) I triple up and then some.

Final Table Me, FNG Tony, Johnny Buzz, Ronnie, Jack, "No Show" Brian, Food Lion, and Eddie.

9:18 I've had 55 (the speed limit) 3 times tonight and lost with it everytime so when I look down at it again, I figure it must be due for a big win. I'm in "the hammer" position, just one off the button and I make an insane raise of $500 because I am sick of the chasers and suckouts. Of course that does not stop Jack from calling me. As a matter of fact, Jack says "Turn em over" and briefly shows his cards not realizing that I still have $100 in front of me that I have not bet. Not everyone saw them but I even knew the suits of the two cards he held. Qh 10d if my eyes are correct. When I tell him that I am not all in and he sees his mistake, he turns his cards face down omn the felt and waits for the flop. FLOP !!! K J 4. Now I know he has an open ended straight draw and two overcards but I am the favorite with my fives so I toss in the last $100 and he calls. The turn is a blank and the river is a beautiful 5 giving me a set. DOUBLE UP ! Aces revenged.

T.J. (aka Food Lion) is busted out at this time and he sits and chats with me an I thumb through my Iopd. Johnny's phone rings and it is playing a song by Fleetwood Mac. I shuffle over to look at what Fleetwood Mac songs are on my Ipod and shw them to TJ. He notices a familiar name in the list and points one out. Rhiannon. I tell him that it is one of my favorite Mac songs and he informs me that his little sister is named after the song.

10:26 Big 4 Way Hand for Johnny Buzz

Johnny Buzz takes down the biggest pot of the night with K9. He had flopped two pair and he more than tripled up up via Ronnie (two pair 9s and 5s), Sammy (Kings and 5s)and new guy Fast Freddie Felson (nut flush draw). Before the cards were turned over I told everyone that Johnny had K9 and that Freddie had the nut flush draw. The action was fast and furious and I didn't even know that Ronnie and Sammy were in the hand til it was over. I was reading people right all night, but the cards were falling on my head.

Every time I folded a trash hand it would hit the flop. I tossed 8c5c on the first hand of the fianl table only to see the flop come 885. It was that kinda night. I am certain that I played the best poker I ever have played at this place but I seemed to be destined for heartbreak.

10:40 Eddie puts me out when I make a move at a 5 way limped pot that had $400 in it. I pushed all in with AcJc and Eddie called me with 77.

12:15am It's heads up between Johnny Buzz Action Tommy
and . These are the two guys that I just let borrow two of my poker books. Neither one of them has ever finished in the money at this game as far as I can remember. Jonhhy is now reading my Harrington on Holdem Vol. 1
and Tommy has my copy of TJ Cloutier's book . After I read TJ's book I immediately won the next 4 NL holdem tournaments I entered. I got uninvited to tat particular game and have feared for my life the last several times I have driven through Asheboro. It was a very simple book that filled the holes in my game like silicon caulking. Tommy has had this book for a month and must be reading the shit out of it because he has 5-6 times the chips as Johnny has when heads up play started. Tommy wastes no time in crushing Johnny with his massive stack and takes home his first bracelet at Ronnie's Redneck WSOP. Congrats Tommy. Now bring me back my friggin book.


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