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Monday, November 10, 2008

Winter means two things, firewood and poker

Winter brings us the dreary darkness that hits you when you open the office door at 5pm to see dusk approaching. The though of getting home in the dark and making dinner and doing the kids homework and cleaning up and its already dark already. What gives with that anyways? I say Kill Daylight Savings Time There. It's not natural and people hate it. I took a scientific poll today and the mail carrier agrees. It sucks. But with the darkness comes the inevitable onslaught of cabin feverized wallet spillage to the felt. Let's just say that Fridays nights are heating up in more ways than one. Hunting and Football can only sustain a mans attention to a degree. And for those reading here, perhaps you are the same as I and could gladly do without both. Give me some chips and the tallest chair with a 12pk of bottles and it's cards in the air. But if you want to have a poker game with a broad spectrum of guests you can anticipate 40% of them are still smokers so what do you do? Hey, if you smoke in your house then it probably already stinks to high heaven so let the boys have at it. But that's not good for anyone I know. Therefore some take to the garage or the basement even. Others have ungodly sized storage buildings rivaling most single family homes with two dance floors and a bar. But whether you have 50sq ft or 1000, I'd says that it's the year of the wood fired winter. Energy prices are up and the enconomy is in the shitter. I say fight back with free firewood and supplement your income with some tight aggressive play in the months to come.

I've never cut so many trees or chopped so much wood or stacked so much of it so high before in my life. It's great exercise and I'm sore from it. Have you ever split logs wearing crocs? Well, then you're an idiot. My old man is supposed to be designing and building me a small wood stove from some sorta pipe so I can keep my workshop warm this winter. He's a kickass welder and im sure it will be one of a kind and innovative. I'll post pics if it ever gets built. But I was thinking of having a poker game of my own in the workshop a time or two this season if I can swing enough willing attendees. I need to clean out a ton of junk too, but I digress.

That's a post. Bout time. Thanks for sticking with me folks.

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