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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Anyone for Backgammon ?

I don't have anything Pokery to write about these days. I don't play much online and my Friday night game has switched to PL 7 Card stud which I think is the most horrible idea ever. Nobody folds and I don't either so I quit going til they switch the game. I'd like to play Omaha HI/LO but I think I'd rather go swimming with Steve Irwin than watch Jimmy try to deal a hand of O8b and work out a 4 way 50% 25% 25% chop pot. Besides, I'd probably end up in a fist fight with a guy holding A2 on a board of A 2 3 7 8 because he thinks his A2 is the nut low. Trust me, I'll wait for Holdem to start again.

Check out this stuff til I find some cool stuff to write about. Not that anyone is reading this anyhow. You are probably reading Iggy .

I'd tell you to read Strange Cartoons but you wouldn't.

Vegas every Monday or so. Five Hundy By Midnight

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