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Friday, August 04, 2006

Kids Game

My sister-in-law asked me to teach her 11 year old son to play poker last weekend. We were in the mountains of WV for a bit of R and R and she had bought a $5 poker set from Tar-Jay with the intention of me teaching him how to play. She figured it would be good for his math skills and he had been bugging her incessantly about it for weeks on end.

Saturday night came and we broke open the poker set and I cracked the fresh deck of cards and spent 15 minutes explaining the hand rankings to him. Apparently hand rankings are boring. But I made him pay attention and I quizzed him before I'd even deal the first hand. Once he had a decent grasp of what beats what I dealt a hand of 5 card draw and took him down like Phil Ivey with Ace High. I dealt a few more hands and he was getting confused but having fun. He kept looking at the metal box with the poker chips in it. "When do we get chips ?", he asked. "Not yet!" I exclaimed. 5 more hands and then I pulled out some chips. 10 for each of us. We each anted one chip and we played limit with 3 raises. it took about 4 hands for him to go broke but he wanted to keep playing.

We got some big stacks of the cheap feeling plastic chips and I proceeded to explain Texas Holdem to the boy. At first he didn't understand the flop, turn and river at all. The idea of betting on each street was lost on him entirely. I wasn't even looking at my cards, just his face. I could tell if he had a crap hand and I'd wait til the river and bet. He'd fold. At least he was smart enough to know he was beat. I had almost 75% of the chips and the women were calling us to dinner so we hurried. I went all in preflop with the J 10 of spades on the next hand and he called (pushing his chips into the center like Phil H.) with Q 8 of hearts (my dads lucky hand). When I saw the sooted Q8 I knew I was dead. For sure. The little bugger flopped a flush and now he didn't want to stop playing because he had chips now.

We played a few more hands with not much action. The kid was tightening up on me. He had changed gears. He's been playing poker for 30 minutes and already he has more patience than me. Dinner was getting cold because we were in the mountains of WV and it was 25 degrees cooler than back home. I wanted to end this poker lesson. I looked down at Kc 2c and decided it was favored of one other random hand and I pushed. The kid did the same Helmuth chip push and called showing two red Kings. So much for that. That was fun. I needed a The Demon Drink.

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  • At 10:33 AM , Anonymous blackscribe said...

    Just read this one post so far. Man, you know how to tell a story! By all means keep writing. Where are the recent posts, bro?! Come on, can't keep your readers waiting!

    I'm adding you to my blogroll and bloglines.

    See you at the tables.


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