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Friday, April 14, 2006

Jacks or Better, Trips to Win

Ever play this game ? Jacks or Better, Trips to Win

Well I played a hand that blew me away. Usually this game can last a half hour or more waiting on someone to get the trips necessary to take down the pot. Not this time. Playing with a few friends one night last weekend I was dealt an amazing hand for this game. I scouped up my cards and fanned them out to reveal AAA99. The nut full house was in my hand. I had the jacks or better and I put in a raise before the flop since I could open. I was stunned to be reraised by Mr. Jason Fisher who shot me a curious glance. The other fella, Chris just called, but then I capped the raising and everyone was still in. I had already put Jason on a set of some kind and I was counting my money. Chris took three cards and then I stunned them both when I stood pat.

Then it started, Jason bet, Chris called, I raised, Jason reraised, Chris folded, I re-raised and Jason re-reraised. I knew he had the set and maybe he had made sme lucky FH and I was going to get paid off bigtime. I asked Jason at this pint if he wanted to make a sidebet for all the chips we had in front of us and he said he sure did. That was bigger than the pot. I dropped down my aces full of nines with pride and Jason smiled. I knew that smile. Guess what, someone hit thier one outer on my ass. His 666 became 6666 and I was blown away.

Talk about bad beats. This one BBQ'd your boy. It's not that I've never lost with a FH to quads before, but it the fact that I was dealt aces full n this game of all games where it takes forever for someone to even make trips to win and I get killed being dealt a cinch. Brutal.

Oh, I forgot to mention, when I fanned out the cards at the beginning, they were in perfect order as I spread them out. A........A.......A.......9..........9. That just made it all the more sickening.

I hope the river is more kind to you.


  • At 6:33 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Ah the sad thing about this situation is that he knew he had you beat, whereas you didn't know. In any 5-card-draw game, I think full boats are usually worth one good re-raise; aces full after standing pat, two good reraises (because your opponents usually put you on a flush).

    But everything in front of you?

    A painful lesson learned.


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