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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Jack is now the suckout queen

Some folks I guess, you just can't beat. I got it all in last night with my pair of queens vs Jack's nines. Why the Poker Gods deem it necessary to punish my brilliant play, I'll never know, but Jack sucked out trips on the river to win again and he thought it wa s a brilliant call because he had an underpair and a 5 hi flush draw with one card to come.

I can't wait til we start playing Omaha instead of Holdem because there's a whole lot less luck in Omaha and I think I'll be handing everyone their asses. Bold talk from a donkey that's tired of being punched in the head.

At the losers table I took control of the mixed game format and picked off everyone at the table.
Bosey locked up the championship in the 2nd 10 week Holdem Tourney so now it's on to Omaha. 10 weeks of explaining the rules to drunks and people trying to see the score of the Heels game.

What's wild ???????

Donkey Puncher


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