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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Poker ain't all bad

I just played a $5+.50 30 man Turbo SNG on UB with my poker pal from Colorado and I took it down. I played loose early on and got some chips to sit on. I got aces twice and gutted people with them. The last hand of the tourney I had like 41000 chips vs a guy with 4k. Blinds were 800 1600 and I got aces on the button. I only called and he went all in with Q4 offsuit. How lovely.

I took my pal out when he went all in whort stacked with A6 and I went over the top all in for $6000 mpre and got called by a guy with the smae hand as me. We both had JJ and we split the pot. Maybe this bodes well for my live play tomorrow. I still hate UB though.



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