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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Charity Poker

$125 entry. Tax deductible. I flop top two pair my first hand after limping in one off the button and announce a raise when it comes to me with no action. The guy to my left says he's all in before I announce my raise ammount. I call over the tournament director to ask for a ruling. He says I can't punch the old guy and tells me I can just make the min raise. I do so. The guy then goes all in of course. Another guy calls across the table. I fold. The old guy had trips as I suspected. The caller had a flush draw and the old guy with trips wins it. I scowl at him and question his upbringing.

The very next hand I get deal Kings on the button and raise 3xbb. I get 2 callers including the deadman on my left. I flop my set and nobody bet til it comes to me. The board read K 9 5 rainbow. I bet half the pot and the old guy with the bad manners calls fromt he small blind. What did he call with preflop I wonder? The other guy folds. The turn is a deuce. Smelly old guy checks. I bet half the pot again. Half my chips are in the pot now. He calls. The turn is a 6. He checks. I go all in and he calls. He shows 7 8 of hearts. 56789. BBQd. I did not take it very well. But it was for charity right ?

anyhow. my best friend came in 5th out of 67 and won 4 rounds of golf at a swanky big city course with all the trimmings and snazzy GPS enabled carts. I better be invited.


  • At 1:01 AM , Blogger Chane Steiner said...

    Great blog! Very insightful and well written. I enjoyed my visit and will stop by again. See you at the felt!


  • At 12:25 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The problem with GPS golf carts is that you can't go wilding off the course in 'em, because they WILL track you down and find you.


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