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Friday, October 21, 2005

Off to Vegas tomorrow !

5 fun filled days of booze, bad calls and broken dreams. Maybe a show mixed in. I plan to play several tournies at various casinos. Here's some of the action going down while I'm in town. Staying at the big Pyramid. So long bankroll.................


PHONE: 702.730.5510

Time Format Buyin

Sun. 10 PM No Limit Hold'em $100

Tue. 12 PM No Limit Hold'em $25
8 PM No Limit Hold'em $100

Wed. 12 PM No Limit Hold'em $25
8 PM No Limit Hold'em $100

Fri. 12 PM No Limit Hold'em $25
8 PM No Limit Hold'em $100


NOTES: Bad Beat jackpot for Aces-Full.
Room manager is Tony Green.

Seven Card Stud 1-5 Limit
Texas Hold'em 1-3 Limit
Texas Hold'em 2-6 Limit
Texas Hold'em No-Limit

Imperial Palace

Mon. 1 PM No Limit Hold'em $40

Tue. 7 PM No Limit Hold'em $50

Wed. 1 PM No Limit Hold'em $40
12 AM No Limit Hold'em $40

Thu. 7 PM No Limit Hold'em $50

PHONE: 702.785.5555

Mon. 9 AM No Limit Hold'em $35
1 PM No Limit Hold'em $50

Tue. 9 AM No Limit Hold'em $35
1 PM No Limit Hold'em $50

Wed. 9 AM No Limit Hold'em $35
1 PM No Limit Hold'em $50

Thu. 9 AM No Limit Hold'em $35
1 PM No Limit Hold'em $50RB40

Fri. 12 PM No Limit Hold'em $110

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Laziness abounds

As I mentally prep for my Vegas trip next weekend ( 22 - 27th ) I have let this blog go. I'm sorry. Anyone who blogs knows how much time it takes to keep up with these things.

I've still been going to poker every friday but I quit taking notes at the table of all the hands and what not. I have tried to focus on my game a little bit more each week. Last night I came home in second place. I lost heads up to a real Pigeon named Jason Fisher. I knocked Jason's dad and brother out of the tournament along with many others but the lure of the flush draw took me down. Heads up I flopped a straight / flush draw and another King high flush draw 2 handslater that sealed the deal. All my money in on a draw. I think I read somewhere about that being a bad idea. What can you do when you raise 4x the BB and you get called by a guy with 3 4 and he flops a straight and you flop a flush draw with two overcards ? I lost, that's what. Second got me my buyin back which sucks but I did get three points towards our club championship which cements me into a tie for the lead with 7 points. It's me Bub and Ronnie all knotted up. I'll miss next week because of the Vegas trip and likely the next Friday when I return so I probably won't be in the lead when I get back.

I did not get a pair of aces tonight after getting them three times last week. I never even had a pair bigger than tens and I had to lay them down to Eddies obvious trip kings in the 4th hand of the final table. I did run a few decent bluffs though. I took down a big pot early against Ronnie with no pair and no draw when I went all in on the river and got him to fold a pot I had been building to steal.

My best hand of the night was when I called Jackie's bluff though. We were the only two in the hand. I was in the Big Blind with QK of spades and he was in the small blind with X X. I made a healthy raise preflop and he called it as usual. The flop gave me nothing except one measley spade but I bet it anyhow. Half the pot. Jack called. The turn was another spade and that gave the the courage to bet again. Half the pot. Jack raised me all in with his last $600. ( wtf could he have? ). I called him in a shot as they say and slammed down my cards. He had 6 high with a gutshot straigt draw. LOL. What a call. My King high was in the lead. The river made my flush and Jack stood up and waved goodbye on his way out the door. It's been two weeks since Jack told me I have all sorts of tells and I have made it my mission to toss him out of the tournament every week. So far so good. That's two weeks in a row now that I have taken him out.

Pink Sky Poker CLub

Friday, October 14, 2005


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