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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Singularity Podcast

Do you have a Physics or Sceience question? What is a black hole? Can we travel back in time? What's a space elevator? How the hell did the Professor make a radio with coconuts and seashells? This guy will answer your emailed questions about anything. It's a great little podcast that explains some of the everyday questions about the world around you and changes the way you think about it. He's answered a few questions for me on the show and it's great experience to hear him think it through for you in an easily digestible manner. Face it, you're an idiot. This guy is smart. Let him do the talking then you can go around and tell all the people you work with how they didn't do diddly squat all day The SInGulariTy PoDcaSt

Let Craig explain it to you.

The Singularity Podcast
or don't even listen. Just email him some stupid question and I'll tell you when he answers it on the show.


Hey, I edited this post just to let you know that Craig has let the show fall of the face of the earth. It sits dead on my ipod but were pals on Twitter if you wanna eavesdrop.

Bust his balls a a bit and maybe he'll push out a new episode just for you.

Here's the RSS Feed for you tech gurus.