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Monday, August 29, 2005


Our weely update Home Game Page is here. We play a No-Limit Texas Holdem tournament every Friday night. 10 - 18 people on average. $20 buy in with unlimited rebuys for the first hour. This is the blind structure

8-26-2005 I slacked off and never updated this week, but I am offering a condensed version a week late for your approval.

8:29pm Jack craks my Aces

1 minute left in the rebuy period and I find myself with Aces and I am ready to double up. The blinds are still just 10 - 20 so I make a raise up to $80. I knock out all the limpers but two and one of them is Jack who is insane. FLOP !!! Qs 7s 4d. Check Check and on the button I make a pot sized bet with my overpair and the only caller this time is Jackie. TURN !!! As giving me the top set. I move all in to put a stop to all this calling nonsense. Unfortunately, Jack had been playing with a shitass hand as usual 7s 10s and had made his flush. It's tough to play against people like this I tell ya. The river serves me no poetic justice and it's rebuy time for me.

8:46 I try to slowplay Q 10 on a flop of A Q 7 against the BB (Ronnie) who got to see a free flop with A2. Down $300 fast.

9:13 and I've been hacked down to a measley $220. I wake up in the BB with AJ and put it all in the pot which was full of limpers as usual. 3 people called my all in but the best hand held up thanks to a flop of AA7 : ) I triple up and then some.

Final Table Me, FNG Tony, Johnny Buzz, Ronnie, Jack, "No Show" Brian, Food Lion, and Eddie.

9:18 I've had 55 (the speed limit) 3 times tonight and lost with it everytime so when I look down at it again, I figure it must be due for a big win. I'm in "the hammer" position, just one off the button and I make an insane raise of $500 because I am sick of the chasers and suckouts. Of course that does not stop Jack from calling me. As a matter of fact, Jack says "Turn em over" and briefly shows his cards not realizing that I still have $100 in front of me that I have not bet. Not everyone saw them but I even knew the suits of the two cards he held. Qh 10d if my eyes are correct. When I tell him that I am not all in and he sees his mistake, he turns his cards face down omn the felt and waits for the flop. FLOP !!! K J 4. Now I know he has an open ended straight draw and two overcards but I am the favorite with my fives so I toss in the last $100 and he calls. The turn is a blank and the river is a beautiful 5 giving me a set. DOUBLE UP ! Aces revenged.

T.J. (aka Food Lion) is busted out at this time and he sits and chats with me an I thumb through my Iopd. Johnny's phone rings and it is playing a song by Fleetwood Mac. I shuffle over to look at what Fleetwood Mac songs are on my Ipod and shw them to TJ. He notices a familiar name in the list and points one out. Rhiannon. I tell him that it is one of my favorite Mac songs and he informs me that his little sister is named after the song.

10:26 Big 4 Way Hand for Johnny Buzz

Johnny Buzz takes down the biggest pot of the night with K9. He had flopped two pair and he more than tripled up up via Ronnie (two pair 9s and 5s), Sammy (Kings and 5s)and new guy Fast Freddie Felson (nut flush draw). Before the cards were turned over I told everyone that Johnny had K9 and that Freddie had the nut flush draw. The action was fast and furious and I didn't even know that Ronnie and Sammy were in the hand til it was over. I was reading people right all night, but the cards were falling on my head.

Every time I folded a trash hand it would hit the flop. I tossed 8c5c on the first hand of the fianl table only to see the flop come 885. It was that kinda night. I am certain that I played the best poker I ever have played at this place but I seemed to be destined for heartbreak.

10:40 Eddie puts me out when I make a move at a 5 way limped pot that had $400 in it. I pushed all in with AcJc and Eddie called me with 77.

12:15am It's heads up between Johnny Buzz Action Tommy
and . These are the two guys that I just let borrow two of my poker books. Neither one of them has ever finished in the money at this game as far as I can remember. Jonhhy is now reading my Harrington on Holdem Vol. 1
and Tommy has my copy of TJ Cloutier's book . After I read TJ's book I immediately won the next 4 NL holdem tournaments I entered. I got uninvited to tat particular game and have feared for my life the last several times I have driven through Asheboro. It was a very simple book that filled the holes in my game like silicon caulking. Tommy has had this book for a month and must be reading the shit out of it because he has 5-6 times the chips as Johnny has when heads up play started. Tommy wastes no time in crushing Johnny with his massive stack and takes home his first bracelet at Ronnie's Redneck WSOP. Congrats Tommy. Now bring me back my friggin book.

Monday, August 22, 2005

I didn't get to play this week but TJ took notes for you.

(From TJ fingers to your eyes)
Lots of big hands and about 50 rebuys. I was out early and left early.
The final 4 were Jimbo, Jack, Bosey and Toby. Toby took Bosey down heads up.
There was quads 3 different times. Jack had quad A's (flop was A A A),
Jimbo had quad 9's and Jimmy Quad Q's.
I made to bad folds and went to final table with only 400 in chips. Went
all in with A 4 suited bill called with his favorite hand 2 2 and the
flop came K K 2 and i was done.

Congrats to Toby ! I'm sure if I was there I would have knocked you ass out.

I'll have a proper post next week folks.

Meanwhile, go read Brent Stack's blog.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Stone Cold Locks and Rebuys

Well another Friday night game has come and gone with one stone cold lock of certainty. Jimbo would not be winning this week no matter what. I promise. He went fishing in upstate NY and not for drunk tourists at some Indian casino either. He was after 30lb salmon for two days and two nights. That gives everyone else a chance to win for once.

Cards were in the air at 7:40pm and I made myself a promise to stay out of the first hand this time. When the cards came out ad I found myself with A5 it took all my strength to muck it. Two hands later I was UTG with pocket tens and I threw out a raise of 3xBB and go 4 nasty callers.

FLOP !!! 3 babies. I bet a strong $200 which was about the size of the pot. This time only Action Tommy calls me. Pot $600.
TURN !!! 7c. The board is a 4 suit rainbow now and I bet another $500. Tommy decides to fold for a change of pace. So far so good.

8:32pm Jimmy Smith
rebuys ! Toby wanted me to mention that.

8:40pm blinds $20 - $40. Bosey puts in a $100 raise with AJs and everyone folds to Uncle Bill who moves all in for his last $430 with 10 10. Bosey flops and aces and BILL REBUYS

8:43pm The Rebuys are ending at 8:45 so the action is fast and furious. I am in early position with QJ offsuit and I raise to $120. Of course Action Tommy calls and then Bill goes over the top of us both moving All In. I go all in over Bills raise and Tommy still decides to call. Tommy JJ. Bill A6. Me QJ. Bill takes the main pot when an ace hits. Tommy takes the sidepot consisting of $380 of my chips. Rats.

8:57pm Bosey is known for dealing the big big hands and tonight was no exception. I'm not in the hand this time, but Action Tommy on my left sure is. Tommy likes his cards and chooses to bet $200 preflop. He gets three callers including Uncle Bill and Toby on my right.

FLOP !!! A A K WOW. There's an action killing flop for ya.
At least you might think that. Toby and I remark to each other that Tommy seemed to take a shine to that flop. I announced to the room that Tommy had just moved ALL IN and that he was "shaking like a rabid dog". Bill decides to make the call. Toby folds.

Bill shows QK of spades and Tommy takes his time showing us the bullets. Perhaps savoring the moment just a tad but who can blame him. The man just flopped QUAD ACES. The look in his eye when Bill called was one of horror and delight. Tommy has come to expect to be outdrawn ever since I pulled runner runner Quad Jacks from the deck to crack his Aces over Jacks FH a few months back. Read about that in the BBQ archives.....Saturday, July 09, 2005 "If your gonna lose, then lose with Aces I guess" Bosey was dealing that hand as well.
But Tommy's aces hold on of course and BILL REBUYS for the second time.

9:06pm I am the shortstack with about $520 in chips when I find Q 10 suited in the BB. Cousin B.J is the only one in the hand with me.
FLOP !!! 9 Q J. I move all in for my last $400. BJ calls showing KJ. The river gives me two pair, Queens and Tens but BJ makes a straight and I am the first guy out after the rebuy period ends. With all the rebuys we are up to paying out 4 places for the first time ever and I am going to miss out on it.


The only ones out of the game are myself Bosey and Ronnie. Bosey is broke. So Ronnie and I go heads up for $10. I should have made it $1000. I slowplayed every big hand I got and trapped him for all his money again and again. I finally took him out when I flopped an open ended straight flush draw and bet it hard. He called and I hit the straight on the turn and the flush on the river. For the night I'm down $10.

11:54pm The main event is heads up between BJ and his dad who is my Uncle Bill. BJ had A3 and Bill had what has turned out to be a popular hand at our game for ending headps up matches. The mighty ducks. 2 2. With a dream flop of A 2 9. Bill slowplays his trips and takes down his own son in cold blood. BJ jumps out of his chair and punches his father repeatedly. See the greusome aftermath in this disturbing photo. Black Eye and shattered cheekbone. Seriously.........don't beleieve that. Bil got hit with a 2x4 on the job a few days after his big win. Lucky at cards, unlucky at work. I bet it doesn't keep him off the lake or out of the boat. Congrats Bill. How many rebuys ? Was it 2 or 3 ?

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Friday night Poker on Tape....

I took my handy Ipod to the poker game and used an el Cheapo $8 snap on voice recorder from eBay to get some live tableside comments for you folks. I want to be like Pauly. I just hope you can understand them.

Poker Commentary Soundclips

Listen for Action Tommy hitting Quad aces on the flop and sending Bill to his forst of several rebuys. Hear Toby berate my play and then commend me in his best Walter Konkrite impersonation.

I'll be doing the regualar post about the night in the next day or so.

in the mean time........ go read Gracie.
She Verb.....Poker For Chicks

I might try and turn this into a podcast sometime in the future if I can get help setting it up.

Let me know what you think.

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

If only you knew the POWER of the 2 6 offsuit.

What did you mother tell you about giving the Big Blind a Free Card ?

***** Hand History for Game 2516807794 *****
0/0 Texas Hold'em Game Table (NL) - Thu Aug 11 XX:XX:XX EDT 2005
Table Table 36818 (Real Money) -- Seat 5 is the button
Total number of players : 10
Seat 1: RASPOUTIINE ( $32.05)
Seat 2: rpcamus ( $42.32)
Seat 3: meatpartypok ( $15.43)
Seat 4: John_F_B ( $20.40)
Seat 5: Boiler131 ( $10.35)
Seat 6: F1veofakind ( $25.85)
Seat 7: ME ( $19.58) ( Me on Party Poker )
Seat 8: fore_man ( $23)
Seat 9: mecsek ( $5.75)
Seat 10: Leithal_Dose ( $13)
F1veofakind posts small blind (0.10)
ME posts big blind (0.25)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to TuNinze [ 2s, 6h ]
fore_man folds.
mecsek folds.
Leithal_Dose calls (0.25)
RASPOUTIINE calls (0.25)
rpcamus folds.
meatpartypok calls (0.25)
John_F_B folds.
Boiler131 folds.
F1veofakind calls (0.15)
Me checks.
** Dealing Flop ** : [ 6c, 6d, 9c ]
F1veofakind bets (0.50)
Me raises (1) to 1
Leithal_Dose folds.
meatpartypok folds.
F1veofakind calls (0.50)
** Dealing Turn ** : [ 3d ]
F1veofakind checks.
Me bets (2)
F1veofakind calls (2)
** Dealing River ** : [ 2c ]
F1veofakind bets (4)
Me raises (16.33) to 16.33
Me is all-In.

F1veofakind: damn
F1veofakind: i will lose

F1veofakind calls (12.33)
Creating Main Pot with $37.96 with TuNinze
** Summary **
Main Pot: $37.96 Rake: $1.95
Board: [ 6c 6d 9c 3d 2c ]
RASPOUTIINE balance $31.80, lost $0.25 (folded)
rpcamus balance $42.32, didn't bet (folded)
meatpartypok balance $15.18, lost $0.25 (folded)
John_F_B balance $20.40, didn't bet (folded)
Boiler131 balance $10.35, didn't bet (folded)
F1veofakind balance $6.27, lost $19.58 [ 5c Qc ] [ a flush, queen high -- Qc,9c,6c,5c,2c ]
Me balance $37.96, bet $19.58, collected $37.96, net +$18.38 [ 2s 6h ] [ a full house, Sixes full of twos -- 6h,6c,6d,2s,2c ]
fore_man balance $23, didn't bet (folded)
mecsek balance $5.75, didn't bet (folded)
Leithal_Dose balance $12.75, lost $0.25 (folded)

this hand was sneaky.

this guy was so bad

I rarely get paid off with quads.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The favorite listener of Poker Diagram .....Tourney Update Special!!!

Here's a screen caps from the PokerDiagram Listener Tourney for you to follow along with. I think you guys need to start taking at least one capture photos at the beginning of each tourney so people can visualize the hands better. This week,I'll do it.

Listen to Download

here's a taste of my horrible play from the tourney.
You folks can swirl your Ipod to 45:30 in the podcast to hear what hand we are talking about.

No-limit Texas Hold'em $20+$2 (real money), hand #1,143,437,949
Newcastle Single Table Tournament, 6 Aug 2005 04:46 PM

Seat 2: chasenfold [10D,10S] ($4,955 in chips)
Seat 3: dgiannakop ($2,675 in chips)
Seat 4: bearbait5 ($3,445 in chips)
Seat 6: BulldogMafia ($1,095 in chips)
Seat 7: Bugatti57c ($1,390 in chips)
Seat 8: WillNIL8 ($1,015 in chips)
Seat 10: crookdimwit ($425 in chips)

dgiannakop posts blind ($75), bearbait5 posts blind ($150).

BulldogMafia folds, Bugatti57c bets $300, WillNIL8 folds, crookdimwit folds, chasenfold bets $1,250, dgiannakop folds, bearbait5 folds, Bugatti57c folds.

chasenfold wins $1,775.

Dealer: chasenfold
Pot: $1,775
chasenfold, bets $1,250, collects $1,775, net $525
dgiannakop, loses $75
bearbait5, loses $150
BulldogMafia, loses $0
Bugatti57c, loses $300
WillNIL8, loses $0
crookdimwit, loses $0

I posted even more hands and the time most occured during the podcast.
Here is my new Poker Diagram Episode#13 Page
Check them out ! Complete with Screen Caps of the Tournament !

Wednesday is Pimp day on the BBQ

You have been listening to each of these Podcasts already so I won't mention them.

The Poker Wankers at Poker Diagram are up to show #13 !! Go listen to me run over the table at the most recent Listener Tourney. ( well, for 40 min or so anyhow ) Listen for my early KK suckout : ) Can't wait for the next flogging fellas.

Card Club on Lord Admiral Radio. A weekly podcast about poker.

Five Hundy By Midnight The original Las Vegas Podcast

and for you intellectuals out there. ( who must be lost )

Skepticality is my favorite non poker related podcast

I know you're already reading these blogs.... aren't you ?

Iggy's Groundbreaking Party Poker Blog

Poker Grub Home of "the Hammer"

Dr. Pauly's The Tao of Poker

The lovely Gracie, from

Read the BBQ Archives and see where I'm coming from. Pun intended.

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Play poker at the only poker room online designed by the world’s best players

Play Poker Online
Online Poker at Full Tilt Poker

Play poker at the only poker room online designed by the world’s best players

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

$3 into $21 on PokerRoom

The PokerDiagram guys robbed me again. After depositing $25 into PokerRoom so I could buy into their $20+$2 listener tourney and being unceremoniously drubbed like an unruly stepchild on my way to a 4th place bubble exit I was left with only $3. I went to Pokerroom today to try and lose it and ended up with $21. I didn't think you were allowed to win at Pokerroom. Maybe Mars really is getting too close to Earth.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Anyone else tired of Jimbo yet ?

Welcome to the new home of the Bad Beat BBQ. Archives are available at my old blog. Please change your bookmarks (if you are lame enough to actually have one). I'll try to keep reminding you for a few weeks, but I'm terribly lazy and twice as forgetful.

Our detailed Home Game Page is here. We play a No-Limit Texas Holdem tournament every Friday night. 10 - 18 people on average. $20 buy in with unlimited rebuys for the first hour. This is the blind structure
The BBQ collides with the fellas at the PokerDiagram podcast this week. Stay tuned to their site and listen to the next show because I'll be playing with the boys from London. I make a decent enough showing this go round considering I busted out the last time I played with them holding nothing but Ace Ace. Go now.

This night was so bad it's hard to find the desire to write anything at all. I should have stayed home, lost money online and saved the gas money. I played bad. Bad Bad. Like I had a train to catch. I just wasn't in the mood to be patient. But at least for the lucky few who read this blurb every week, I managed to take really poor notes.

My best hand a all night was 10 10 which I had to give up. After reraising Ronnie on my right and having Johnny call with what turned out to be a pair of sixes that he really seemed to like, Carl "now dubbed hereafter as Cooter" found out he had been dealt only one card and failed to mention it until the betting had taken off. That put me on ever increasing tilt. Most of the hands I played were so weak and so poorly executed that I only wrote down one hand of my own to share with you.

8:42 With the blinds at just $20 and $40 I'm all in for my last $190 in the Big Blind with Q 10 suited. Ronnie is my only caller and when he shows 4c 7c I am tickled. The rebuy period is over at 9pm and I don't wanna come up out the pocket again for another $20. The board treats me like a rented mule. Ronnie pairs his 7 and I'm rebuying.

9:48 I'm busted out again. I went all in with QK against 9 10 and lost to Jimbo. I hand my lucky turtle to Jimmy and wait to see if it is just cursed. ( Jimmy bought in 3 times tonight by thw way)

9:55 TJ's trip 9s demolish two big hands. Johnny loses with KK and Carl gets knocked out for hte first time with Aces. Carl Rebuys.

10:08 I take back my turtle from Jimmy who has nearly doubled up in twenty minutes. Toby tells me to write it in the blog that I just stole his dad's luck. Jimmy went on to dump his entire stack over the the next hour. Sorry.

10:16 So long to our pal Johnny Buzz. Johhny flops trip fours and is well on his way to taking all of Toby's chips. When the turn and river come KK Johnny makes a FH but finds out that Toby had gotten very lucky to make a better one. Not a bad way to go out I guess.

-Eric Cartman

That's right. I'm getting the hell out of here. I know this will last til 1am and I'm not sticking around. Sorry folks.

Now you can read TJ's notes from after I headed home with minor editing....... ( btw, TJ showed up like an hour late and we graciously let him buy in )

First off, your dad (Jimbo) is no longer allowed to tell bad beat
stories. As he is now the suck out king after tonight.

This is the first big hand played after you left. Jimbo raised pre-flop. Ronnie calls.

FLOP !!! A A Q (rainbow) Jimbo checks, Ronnie bets, Jimbo check raises, Ronnie calls.
Turn !!! 10 Jimbo all-in, Ronnie calls.
Jimbo has (Q 10) Ronnie has (Q K).
RIVER !!! another 10.
Jimbos running 10's to win pot.

Editors Note...(This must be the hand that Jimbo told me about on Sunday, he said he'd never seen Ronnie so hot)

Here's how Cooter went out.
On a flop of Q J 8 w/2 spades.Jimbo put both me (TJ) and Carl all-in, I had an open ended staight draw and a flush draw, plus a king would be
good enough I thought. Both Carl and I call. Carl shows J 9 and Jimbo
has Q 10. I hit one of my 18 outs on the turn.
That knocked Carl out and almost tripled me up.

Now only Toby, Jimbo and myself were left. I was 2nd in chips but Jim
was the big chip leader and was bulling me and Toby. Then I had pocket Q's in the big blind Jimbo rasied. I then re-raised all-in. He thought for like 2 minutes I swear. Then
called he had k 9. Well, if you read my comments before you already know he catches his king and
I'm out. At least 3rd paid me back my entry fee thanks to all the rebuys.

1:23am Heads up. Toby manages to double up a couple of times and has the chip lead at one point. Jim takes the lead back again and soon after that Toby goes all-in w/ Q 10 and Jimbo calls with Q 8 and hits a str8 on the turn to win it.

Well, my dad's lucky hand has been Q8 for about 2 months now so the last hand where he made a silly call does not surprise me. As a matter of fact, I think he took me out with the same two cards a few weeks back. July 9th post to be exact. Q 8 cracks my Aces. I've not forgotten that pal. But I still love you man.

Jimbo is on a friggin tear as of late. He's won the big game like 3 out of the last 5. Why did I show him how to play holdem ? Now you teach me some patience old man. You owe me. By the way, if you wanna log on to UltimateBet and take on Jimbo, just search to barbiesboytoy and take him on. He said he awaits all challengers. Or if you prefer to tangle with me. Look for BadBEatBBQ ( what else ). I'd love some low limit shenanigans.

Back in a week. Or sooner.


**** Places on the web for Poker Enthusiasts ****

I know you're already reading these blogs.... aren't you ?

Iggy's Groundbreaking Party Poker Blog

Poker Grub Home of "the Hammer"

Dr. Pauly's The Tao of Poker

The lovely Gracie, from

You have been listening to both of these Podcasts so I won't mention them.

Card Club on Lord Admiral Radio. A weekly podcast about poker.

Five Hundy By Midnight The original Las Vegas Podcast

and for you intellectuals out there. ( who must be lost )

Skepticality is my favorite non poker related podcast.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Our new home !!! Welcome from

Gone is the name ChaseNFold. We are now the Bad BEat BBQ. Set your clocks everyone. Add this site to your favorites and scrap the old one. ( ) See you soon !