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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Well, it's kinda like poker...

Turns out I'm better at poker than race pools. After a weekend at the Bristol NASCAR race I'm out $50 in various race pools and money laundering scams designed by drunken sunburned Bud Light drinkers. Give me $10........Hey, gimmie $5. I quit asking what the money was for. My tickets were free and I had a place to stay so I felt like I was ahead on the deal. I even quit asking what the money was for. I never won and didnt even get a chance to get excited about the though of winning because nobody bothered to tell me what drivers I even had. About 3 hrs sleep in 2 1/2 days ain't much. Good to be home enjoying a dust and exhaust free environment.

Looks like my old poker game is falling apart. The old regulars are still going every Friday but I have not been there in months and months. 37 miles is a long way to drive back from at 2 or 3am anyhow. Were putting together a game for the winter right up the street at my uncles house. Only one mile away. We have some nice felt topped tables being fabd up now and we have only to wait for the sun to start tracking a bit lower and for some leaves to fall. Did I mention that the yellow bus will start hauling off all the children each weekday starting this Tuesday? I just got excited.