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Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm only going to play poker Jan/Feb

There's a pattern emerging and reading this blog going back a few years makes it easy to see. Playing poker at the pink sky poker club in Janurary and winning has become the norm. This year the good fortune spread into February and I'd like to see that trend continue. The boys had the typical points system in place for the weekly tournament series where the winner gets 4 points and 4th place gets one point. With three wins and a 3rd in mid Jan and early Feb I found myself as the only other player with a chance to catch ole Bosey. He had a three week head start on me of course but I was in striking distance until Bosey sold his chips to my uncle late one night and he went on to steamroll the table with reckless abandon. Bosey got the points and my uncle got the dough and so I was out of the race for the points money. I wasn't too disappointed as his two month stretch brought me my biggest one night poker win outside of a casino. The story of that particular night is one I may have to tell you while concealing the names of the unfortunate losers for their protection from their wives. Lol. If you like reading....check out the Book Guys Podcast