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Friday, December 19, 2008

Weak Play makes me sick

Well, I did it. I played my favorite/lucky hand out of position against a bigger stack that I was certain had a big pair in the hole and when I hit my second pair on the river I failed to shove. I called. I won. But it was a weak weak play in a spot where I should have accumulated a ton of chips and coasted to a win. Instead I ended up second that night and it was all due to a lack of aggression. You really can't play a five man holdem tourney and play it like a MTT online. When you find a spot like Q8 sooted on a board of Q 9 5 2 8 and you really think the guy has a big pair and maybe even aces then you should take advantage. I failed. I'm reminding myself of it with this post so it does not happen again. Turns out that Douggy indeed had those aces and he remarked how he would have certainly called if I pushed. Live and learn and rebuy while you can.

Maybe I'd do better if I were reading more Otis